Friday, November 17, 2006

Quality Scores, Minimum Bids and Google Inactivating Keywords

The other conversation I had with Google this week was regarding inactivating keyowrds in our PPC account. Seems this is another bones of contention of late and I am fast seeing it become the Google Grinch for this holiday season.

Like everything Google makes decisions on in AdWords the numbers are taken from Google search only.

Our site had not been penalized by the Quality Score update recently - not surprised as each keyword for this account has its own landing page with definition and other appropriate content. True there are a couple of ads - but all publishers need income - and we were not arbitraging so much as increasing the quality of the traffic for our advertisers. (Doesn't that sound positive).

According to the Google person I spoke with exact and phrase match numbers have more impact - so I guess they are breaking these numbers out in the background similar to the bucket of broad keywords that include some that used to get permanently pulled from what words were given traffic.

Say I am advertising for car parts and my numbers tanked for Ford car parts and Mercedes car parts but did well for Chevy and BMW - in the past the bad performers would be pulled from the impression rotation even without your knowledge.

Now broad match is not separated and thus there can be words in the mix that should be negatived out that are impacting what terms are forced to raise bids.

They are not arbitrarily making changes to minimum bids, I was told, but this is based on the impact of disabled terms etc.

I will be delving into this a little deeper and keep you informed.

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