Friday, November 17, 2006

Google Supplemental Is Next Major Database Upgrade

I ahd a conversation with one of the senior guys at Google about one of our sites finding its way prominently into the Supplemental listings. In the old days this was usually the start of your site exiting the Google database all together.

Not so anymore, according to this Google employee. The push to grow a secondary database that can hold 100 billion documents will be needed for the new infrastructure of the burgeoning new web - yeah that Web 2.0 everyone is discussing these days - obviously a little more to it than the 'mumbo jumbo' I had thought a lot of the talk was.

Yeah I know the web is evolving. Yeah I know new rich media and other changes are part of this new 'web'. That Google was doing something in the background to adapt to these moves is logical - and now partially mentioned in public.

Eventually all sites will be migrated over to this database - so expect to see sites slipping more to the Supplemental listings.

Somehow those sites will be able to appear for search terms - hey Google can do anything right.

I really enjoyed the conversation and actually learned or let's say saw in another light a bunch of things I had long stored in the brain's attic.

Title tags do not have weighting for your PR and thus where you appear in the organic results - I was told! I liked that because though it is correct they impact what keywords you can be listed for - they do not impact the position. Links are the major factor on your PR and Google's PR impacts where you end up on the organic rankings.

If you follow this out then the anchor text and title tags will contribute to the words your site has in its database entry but the PR of the links and I imagine (was not told this directly) the actual anchor text used will create scales of PR for words on any page.

This is going to be something I will test and try and learn more on now.

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