Wednesday, February 15, 2006

US Senate Grills Search Big 3

Okay this meeting should be over by now but I am curious as to what happened.

And why exactly does the US Senate have the right to tell a company what to do when dealing with foreign companies so long as no laws are broken????

Oh that's right Human Rights.

Now we did't do that for companies that worked with governments that supported Apartheid, or South American non-Communist dictators that tortured people...

So is the government getting involved to make this aimed at just situations that support our national interests or more to the point their interests?

This is a slippery slope that our country has gone down before. Who plays the McCarthy character this time?

There are always multiple sides to most situations and we need to be careful that the rhetoric of one is not allowed a bigger voice because they carry a bigger stick!

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  1. a pdf of google's testimony is available here: