Monday, February 20, 2006

MSN Pushes Ahead With New Interface

MSN is getting serious. The changes they are making to their User Interface are impressive for a program that is still not out of beta.

They have listened to the complaints on the forums and are adding a much easier way to change and get to things. Some of the little widgets they have that Google and Yahoo are not up to speed yet include day parting, sex demographic, and age demographics.

You can choose not to advertise to people of certain ages or sex - though this is limited to the people they know the info on and act as a restricter as opposed to choosing the others as the ones to run ads on.

You can also choose what percentage of these various segments you want ads served to - which comes in handy also.

They have also made some evaluation tools that provide feedback on the keywords by groups that they know of...

If MSN keeps this up they will have the best mousetrap when they roll this out of beta in the next couple of months.

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