Monday, February 6, 2006

Search, TV News Now! Is Adwords, Cable Getting Closer?

Gary Price writes about new search engines that are using voice recogition to search news broadcasts (TVEyes and BlinkX which even has personal video channels), Podcast search via Poscope with its Googlesque front page.

All are the precusor to what John Battelle describes as the merger of "intent based and content based" advertising in his recent book "The Search". The founder of "Wired" magazine explains how the growth of digital TV recorders using web-based search and recording histories will lead to the development of ad serving methods that envorporate an AdWords system of access to very targeted viewers.

Though this is projected as being over five years away, recent purchases by Google of dMarc radio ad servers and the suggestions that Google is looking to develop something similar for television while acquiring a share in AOL which also ties to TimeWarner.

TW's moves to break up its corporate peices may leave some valuable future properties in the marketplace. The players that make moves on some of them may be investing in the future of this developing technology - definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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