Wednesday, February 8, 2006

SEO Pimps

So I came across this post on Craigslist.
Seems some parents have no problems pimping their underage children to the SEO world. Now isn't there an age limit on when children can work?

Hell if that's the case, I will put my 13 year-old up against this kid any day. She has been playing with computers since she was 2 and 1/2 - I used to take the cords out of the one at home and she would put them back and be sitting there with a smile on her face when I got home.

I wouldn't want to ruin her amateur status - she has a promising college soccer career ahead.

The post is a classic because it goes straight for the "I will submit you to 206 engines and directories for $250".... I guess the thinking here is that people would have no problems giving the money to a kid - whereas the dad's reputation that is referenced is a bit suspect if he allowed the ad to go out with that type of claim.

I can forgive the child.

Dad wake up and make some legitimate money as an SEO instead of pimping your kid!

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