Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Yahoo PPC Upgrade Still Buggy

I have a bunch of PPC accounts with Yahoo and noticed today when checking things that they were briefly disappearing. I called my rep and he told me the new upgrade had been giving some teething problems....

I guess everyone is using the Microsoft model these days. Put it up and let the customers find the problems. Cheapest QA in the world.

But the fact that the Yahoo people were so nonplussed by it happening is the thing.

Later when I was talking to another rep from another engine (3rd tier engine) who once worked for them, said she had heard about the bugs and agreed it happened with Yahoo PPC occassionally.

If I ran my business like that no one would hire me. But then I am not a huge player in my niche.

It is time the internet business model - who so direly wants to be recognized as worthy of a seat at the grown ups' table - come to terms with the basic tenets of business. The customer is always right - or if not make them feel like they are. This is the biggest of the ones the internet-related business seem to forget. Look after your customers as they can always go somewhere else.

I guess Yahoo needs to do a recall - no wait, there is no way to recall the lost traffic...

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