Monday, April 25, 2005

Google Broadens Scope for Advertisers

Though the new Site Target CPM advertising will not roll out until later in May, the potential is getting discussed fervently on many of the forums - and this with full details yet to be disclosed.

The annoucement came today at AdTech and the race to find out more has been quick.

Google has a bunch of pages already on their site and this one:

seems to show the direction it is going to take.

Basically as I see it they will allow advertising that is not directly relevant to the topic or content of a site but that has a crossover to the demographics of the users of the site. For example, teen info sites about one set of information may also find ads from other sites that are of interest to them in general placed there.

This will allow advertisers to begin using demographics - something that so far has not been a real criteria in search marketing. Though not on target for absolute relevancy the successful advertisers ,who will be able to rise above the disabling process, will be those that do know how to reach across various content and provide users with alternative information, products and services that is of interest to the people who visit these sites.

By allowing the advertiser to use image ads as well as PPC ads the scope of Google's content advertising has moved to a new and potentially prosperous place for all concerned.

Advertisers will love the freedom, content providers will relish the new income sources and Google gets to make money all around. A win/win situation for all including the users who will ultimately have the power to determine what type of ads are seen on their favorite sites by making the CTR the determining factor and providing further marketing info to all concerned.

Watch how successful it is by the duplication of it by other engines....

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