Thursday, April 28, 2005

Google Moves into Mainland China

The recent announcement that Google has been approved to open offices in mainland China has all types of implications for the global search industry. With a presence in the country and the chance to develop personal ties with the government officials that oversee the internet presence in China, Google may become part of the democratization of mainland China the last bastion of Communism.

Remember that Google News was being filtered and banned not so long ago in China.

Remember that search engine topics and advertising was being carefully monitored by the governing bodies that filtered/censored the media's presence in the country.

The internet is a great equalizer. But even though the access speeds and availablity of wireless networks seems impressive, it is generally an upscale population that has use, or for that matter desires access.

Hopefully the admission of Google will be remembered as a time when another isolationist , restrictive country began a more open policy.

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