Monday, April 18, 2005

Book Review & Business Blogging

by kid mercury -- get your free lottery ticket

I read Andrew Goodman's ebook on PPC marketing. It wasn't bad, but I have a tough time recommending it. The book takes more of a conceptual perspective as opposed to a scientific, methodical approach, and as such books often do, takes regular detours from the main idea. I think a key requirement to make a good PPC ebook is to have plenty of case studies of successful PPC campaigns, and showing all the key steps along the way: which tracking code solution was used; how the keyword research processed developed; how the company looked at web analytics to revise its strategy and its web site; how the bid management process was conducted; which PPC engines proved to be most successful; and so on. This would be a gold mine of information -- although I imagine many companies would be reluctant to have their commercial tactics commercially exploited.

In other interesting news, FastCompany has an interesting post on the increasingly frequent scenario of bloggers being fired for blogging. The FastCompany blog entry deals specifically with the case of a blogger who was reprimanded for blogging at work.

I guess I should get back to work.

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