Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Move Over MSN Search Champs 2: Real Champs are Here

I am generally not into lists - as they come across as too definitive and most are too subjective. But the recent announcement of MSN's Search Champs 2 briefly got me annoyed at the arrogance of the name.
I agree some of the members have some serious skill sets and may have been on a lot of short lists, but if the name is to be really applied where more people would stand back and say well that is pretty close to the Dream Team I would select, I think a new list should be made.
If I was able to convince anyone I reached out to to make the Search Dream Team my list would include the people listed below - remember it is not a definitive list and could be longer and cover even more niched areas of our industry but with these people I think there is pretty much nothing the group could not adapt to and dominate.

1. Danny Sullivan - does he need a bio other than maybe the Godfather of Search!
2. Aaron Wall - SEOBook has serious game and is still developing skills exponentially.
3. Dr. Garcia - the famed Orion can skillfully simplify even the most complex industry methodologies.
4. Mike Grehan: best speaker we have in this industry.
5. Dana Todd: it's not just that redhair that gets your attention (though I swear it is part of the marketing).
6. Mikkel deMib Svendsen: Leading European Search Master.
7. Ignacio Hernandez: Nacho knows the Latin market and engines better than anyone.
8. Detlev Johnson: this guy is everywhere. I really think he has clones.
9. Bill Hunt: hey IBM thinks he has game.
10. Nick W: ThreadWatch is an institution and the writing is always fun to read.
11. Aamon Johns: more than a BlackKnight.
12. Andy Beal: WebSourced's key player.
13. Dan Thies: His Labs have given us some cool tools over the last few years.
14. Scottie Claiborne: quietly really gets it done.
15. Bruce Clay: If he had a penny for every copy made of his map he would be Bill Gates.
16. Lori Weiman: KeywordMax Director and very sharp former lawyer, just in case we need one.
17. Jay McCarthy:WebSideStory senior developer who brings a bunch to the table.
18. Peter Hershberg: Reprise Media has come along way and he leads a great team.
19. Kevin Lee: He Did-It... always a good choice for a go-to-guy.
20. Elisabeth Osmeloski: she can oversee all the egos at SEW and contribute insights!
21. Barry Schwartz: RustyBrick has helped many and keeps well ahead of the curve.
22. Me: hey someone has to buy the beers and tell the jokes!


  1. mate, u put me way too high up on ur list.

    I have a lot of respect for the bottom. And it comes as no surprise that your closing. :)

  2. Aaron though the list is not in order you would be near the top if it were.
    And I will gladly close for this group.

  3. How about linking to all of their homepages or business sites - there's a couple of names on there I don't recognize, and I'd love to find out more about them...

    Great list, BTW