Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yahoo! Buys Desktop Tool co. Konfabulator and It's Impact

There seems to be some serious moves over at Yahoo! of late. They are revamping the PPC system, and as Mike Ewan over at Developer's Shed pointed out in a recent article they have bought Flikr (a photosharing software co.), OddBall (a email co.), VOIP co. DialPad and now desktop widget Konfabulator.
These moves seem to paralell all the recent moves of Google - though a with a lot less noise.
So when is Yahoo! releasing their version of Talk IM - well considering they already have a full fledged video messaging system do they need to?
The recent letter by Ted Meisel (or Dean Capobianco if you received it in Australia) shows a little more than what people are talking about in response to it.
While it mentions the problems the new system upgrade and that any minor difficulties will be addressed quickly and hopefully be finished soon - it was an earlier comment that I think as more telling:
twice this is mentioned: "help us meet the needs of our growing customer base" and "to meet the increasing level of demand".
While growth at Google seems to be a given the recent numbers support these statements. Yahoo! has improved its position in relation to Google for basic search - if searchers' actions are the same then PPC is getting similiar increased numbers.
They will definitely take a broad hit when MSN spins off - but they have definitely created a solid safety net to help pick up the missing income.

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