Thursday, August 25, 2005

Skype Opens IM Network

The New Media Report seems to share my view of the Google/Skype ties with their report today:

VoIP pioneer Skype Technology has decided to open up its IM network to allow other programs to take advantage of and expand their user base. The company's text-based instant messaging service can now be integrated into web sites and internet applications. "Skype's mission is to make communicating through the Internet natural and easy to do, so in addition to voice communications we offer the power of both instant messaging and presence," said CEO Niklas Zennström in a recent statement. From online gaming to e-commerce, Skype IM integration will allow users to build a community almost anywhere, adding more warm bodies to a network 51 million users strong. The new SkypeNet and SkypeWeb API's will give software developers access to the company's IM protocols, allowing easy integration into other programs, including rival instant messenger clients. SkypeWeb will even let you post your Skype online status on your web site or blog with a few lines of HTML. Taking cues from Google much?

51 million users....

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