Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google to Launch Jabber-based Voice IM tomorrow

Since Google is in a second round of investment, it seems the "quiet time" rule is in effect. So speculation about the possible product rumored to be made public tomorrow is getting some attention at the search forums.

From what I have gathered the product will be Google Instant Messaging - using the Jabber-based platform which offers a wide scope of uses.

Apparently, Google has also been involved with VOIP so the messages may be going audio... instant voice messaging, add the Hello software they offer and you pretty much have an upclose and personal experience.

How long before people start using this technology to make a large portion of their phone conversations?

Google has a great working relationship with AOL - providing the PPC and organic results when everyone else is striking out on their own - if these two get together on the IM level then AOL goes vocal at the same time.... now that is a user base.

How long will it be before your computer starts saying "You've Got Voice Mail"?

The LA Times has a story on this today.

Reuters have done a follow up.

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