Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yahoo getting Heat over API debacle

This snowball is rolling down hill and gaining a lot of weight and speed. I guess the phones over at GoTo central - sorry that was the old Overture - now the new Yahoo Search - are ringing alot and the question of the week is what is going on with the API.
A week and no official response makes this more and more curious.

Web Analytics Association Chairman, Bryan Eisenberg, agrees that it is time for Yahoo to give a definitive answer and has been told one should be forthcoming some time today.

Let's see if the conqueror's of Disney will have time to release some insight into what the future holds for SEM companies and analytic tool providers.

Hopefully the reaction to my recent blog entry will show them that their is a large amount of interest in this and the best way to grow is to help the companies that have provided them with business in the past and whose growth parallels their own. Though we don't need to rely on a particular engine, in the longrun Yahoo should know that if they don't find those new customers out there offline - when they come back they may have a hard time recapturing the people they have snubbed.

Don't forget MSN is about to fully jump into the space and to make a serious wrong move now could concede they are willing to become a second tier provider!

Here is the WAA announcement.

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