Monday, March 14, 2005

Time to Boycott Google's PR numbers

I have had enough of the green bars. I think it is time that all Search Engine Optimization people organize a real boycott of the Google PR numbers. Let the newly formed SMA - NA and SEMPO join forces in this and show a true unity in the industry to remove the silly thing from the toolbar.

People should be stopped from discussing the value of PR, ways to improve PR, ways to share PR, and all the rest of the eternal posts and notes and conversations that are spent every day on the topic.

Those are moments of time wasted and unretrievable. I feel cheated of at least a solid week of my life. Now with the recent comments that the whole thing could have been a Wizard of Oz perception trick - I really feel like demanding compensation.

The pretty shiny object is distracting way too many people from the true job of SEO and that is to optimize pages for keywords. We even have bosses and clients who have been fooled into thinking that is the best measurement of success and get us chasing the illusion.

I would gladly have a grey bar if it meant getting a top ranking. Anyone want to trade their good keyword position for my 6s and 7s?

If anyone answered yes to that you show be drummed out of the SEO corps.

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