Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Hate Domain Resellers

We got an email today from some joker trying sell us a domain name he owns. No site just the domain and the so-called redirect they said could make them so much money was not in place. All in all a lazy attitude and a great look at bottomfeeder economics.

The term has some worth but does not generate any serious traffic. And it is also not the best of converters. Yet the guy wanted 6k+ for this fine selection of keywords he signed up (more than likely only a few months ago). Before quoting a price to us it was just give me an offer, so we emailed back we would go $500. The insolent and arrogant reply about the worth of his domain is funny:

No thanks. It will generate 5 times that amount just in parking. It has overture bids of $6 per click.
I'm not sure you're quite familiar with domain valuation. Best of luck!

Okay mate... I did a search for the term's traffic and it comes back at under 600 searches last month. Now I will highball direct numbers and say 10% write the keyword.com into the browser so you get 60 visitors a month.... not all of them are potential buyers... in reality they are more likely to be lookers with the type in since they have not been in the area enough to know the name of a real company.

Hey if it is a steady earner why are you getting rid of it?

Why not keep the domains like others I know do and build your monthly income by adding more domains. Selling the domain always seems like it did nothing for us, but there are some other people that pay a decent amount for clicks I will sell it to them at a serious premium and move on to something I can market.

I am glad I work in a niched area, few are buying domains - and guys like this are not trolling. Besides I have over 100 domains and adding more each month, we can afford to let someone else have that one, chances are they will be one of our affiliates that get it anyway.

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