Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Early Bird Gets Roped

Seems SEM companies are already marketing their services managing the MSN PPC campaigns for people.... but if they are not advertising in France or Singapore I guess Pomodo is just taking leads for the future.
It seems like they are jumping the gun a little. But it gets them listed in the engines and eventually they will be doing the work.
I may have to enter that I can manage your PPC campaign for the sson to be launched ABDC engine...
Seems this industry has future vision. Anyone advertising with Overture had to have gotten one of those emails asking to increase the amount of money in the account even though you had well over their 3 day limit. And it was always for nearly a month - like they were pimp for bucks.
Accoona even took money for advertising a couple of months before it became popular.
Now we have companies touting themselves as being able to manage an advertising campaign that has yet to roll out in the US.
Je ne parlez pas...

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