Wednesday, June 6, 2007

SES Miami: Catch The Latin Heat

Amid all the competition in the search engine conference industry right now, many people are overlooking the growing value in Latin America.

The economies of the countries have stabilized. The use of the web has grown rapidly, as has the number of online buyers. Yet the push by the major engines into this space has been pretty lame.

Wake up Yahoo! and Microsoft it is far easier to compete in this market and grow into it. Don't give up the US market, just see beyond it.

Yahoo has the benefit of their purchase of Terespondo, but are slow to push the growth in the space.

Yahoo and Google will be exhibiting at SES Miami - Microsoft did not even think it worthwhile....

Guess the adTech event the following week is the play this year. Should be interesting to see who they have for the search portion... the press release says there are 120 speakers covering all areas of media.

Getting the people from the search engines as speakers is good when balanced by advertisers and agencies etc. - this does not seem to be the case at adTech, while SES provides an in depth look into the Latin search market as well as access to the people from South America who head many of the larger companies search programs.

It never ceases to amaze me when you see provincial behavior from companies that exist on the web, especially the search engines. No wonder you have the French and Germans building their own search engines....

Catch the heat baby. Join me in the debate about this at the bar of the Intercontinental June 17-19 (conference runs 18 and 19).

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