Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rand Versus Shoe

Funny I know both of these guys and always knew they did not have the same business model. Guess they thought there was only one so the other must be doing the same thing.

If you have not seen this I am amazed you found my blog - as theirs get much more traffic.

But for a summary of the Rand versus Shoe debate those links will help.

Where do I stand... funny I think both of them will think I am on the other side.

Personally I think there is some form of benefit from any blog. Whether it is ego stroking (mine) or altruism (Rand's) or monetization (Shoe's), there is an ultimate motivator. I have ignored my personal blog because I have been doing work for Search Engine Watch. I figured I would get more exposure - combine that with I am too lazy to do the post it here and then reference it there stuff that many others are famous for...

Should every blog have a prominent disclosure text on the homepage? Sure why not... I guess we could make the About Us link the "About our blogging motives" link.

Must admit both parties have had a fair amount of traffic from this little crossfire. If I didn't know better I would almost think it was staged.... but while both would have thought about it, only one of them would have gone for it! (at least in the harsh light of day)

If only disputes about algorithms or PPC methodology received as much debate.

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