Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Neal Wilson Joins The Yahoo Evacuation

Neal Wilson and I have worked together for over 3 years. He is one of those Yahoo! people who really knows his stuff and did not come with the Overture notion that they were 'Kings of the Castle' because they 'invented ppc'.

He knows what customer service is, knew enough to develop a personal friendship - well I guess that was because we both had a sense of humor and kids. Why Yahoo is letting him go is another question I have to ask.

If you guys plan on really improving your PPC share then losing guys like Neal is counterproductive.

Your restructuring is going as slow as a 300 baud modem.

This is not the time to think the new kids on the block will be your saviors. The long-term people who stuck it out through "the blob"; have watched your endless high end corporate staff shuffle and stayed; those people who have the respect of your clients and in many cases are spending money with you purely because those people are there - you have been pushing them out lately, or not treating them as your true diamonds (I know this from conversations I have had with others in my positon, as well as what I have seen)...

Stop shooting yourself in the foot.

Neal best of luck at the new venture - you should arrange a get together of recently departed employees - I am sure there would be a line of people grabbing at that drink or dinner tab.

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