Friday, February 23, 2007

Google Thanks Users For Feedback

I just got this email from Google. First of these I have actually noticed. Nice job David!

A few months ago, we invited you to provide feedback on the Google AdWords program,
and we appreciate that many of you did so. Now, we want to thank you for taking the
time to share your thoughts in our survey and let you know the highlights of what we

You, our Advertisers
The vast majority of you are responsible for allocating your company's advertising
spend, managing your account and evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns. In
addition, most of you expect that you'll see either modest or significant growth in your
business over the next year. We hope that weÆll be able to help you achieve your goals as
we build off of the feedback that weÆve received from this survey.

Program Highlights
We were pleased to hear that most of you are very satisfied with your AdWords
experience. You let us know that you rely on Google AdWords as an integral part of your
business and a key method of driving traffic to your website. Overall, you are pleased
with the performance and results of your AdWords campaign, though you know that they
can always be improved.

In order to achieve these results, you want the best possible account management tools.
Our reporting tools, such as Report Center, were consistently rated as a major strength. In
addition, you found that AdWords system performance was very strong.

Opportunities for Improvement
Though we were happy to hear about our strengths, we're more focused on how to
improve our program to better meet your needs. Here's what we heard from you:

First, while a few of you crave simplicity at any cost, the majority of you are asking for
increased capabilities. In particular, you're looking for additional ad controls, new
performance metrics, and advanced bidding options.

Second, you want more transparency into AdWords - from providing you with more
information on how the system works to notifying you about changes in the pipeline.
We're working to address this, and hope that you'll continue to tune into the Inside
AdWords blog ( where you can find information ranging
from AdWords tips to recent feature releases. One recent example is a post that provides
you with more information on our Click Quality team, including how to request an
invalid clicks investigation and understand if suspicious clicks in your account are
actually invalid:

Get a Free Customized Optimization
Finally, we want to help you improve your advertising performance, so we're expanding
our customized optimization offerings to help you meet your goals. Campaign
optimization can help maximize your return on your investment, targeting potential
customers interested in exactly what your business offers. If you are interested, reply to
this email, and you will be scheduled for an optimization as soon as possible.

Thanks for participating in our survey. And please keep your feedback coming!

David Fischer
Vice President, Global Online Sales & Operations
Google, Inc.

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