Thursday, February 22, 2007

AvenueA/RazorFish Wins Yahoo SearchLight Award

I wrote extensively about the event at Search Engine Watch.

But I want to give kudos to AvenueA/RazorFish for their presentation and informative search report.

Hey if I had voted for anyone else it would have purely been on presentation. I loved Talladega Nights - laughed more than my kids and recommend it as a film. But the Sprint campaign was a little short on search... yeah they used Ricky Bobby and misspellings etc. as their keywords but apart from the cute blonde presenter they lost me.

Special K and the new marketing appraoch for weight loss was something I have seen on TV but it was noticable that the women were the more attentive listeners.... I had seen their ads but nothing in search (though I could use some weight loss info).

The Lexus LS ads by Team One wre clever use of intertestials on the Yahoo homepage but gave little to inform me about using search in the space.

Hands down the Chase campaign by RazorFish was the winner.... more search info... though they would not give ideas about conversion amid their other campaigns.

I think anyone submitting to the awards next year should be aware this about search and concentrate the info about that - and surprise you could win.

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