Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Party Is On At Google In A Couple Of Ways

The non-executive employees over at Google are getting a chance to cash out of their options. Sure it will help retain and getting more employees. The idea is novel, yet reminiscent of Google's entre into the financial world.

The workers get to sell their vested options by auction with the option good for two years. So the auction is actually of the future of Google.

May as well do it while all things Google are still of a premium in the world. Though the move to possibly being Big Brother seems less like a futuristic movie.

Funny as I watch this Craig is doing his monologue and he calls the compuetr the Google box to a solid laugh!

Funny how Google has disallowed gambling sites advertising in PPC yet have just partnered with a gamblers lifestyle video network. The network has been allowed to provide sponsored video content.

No doubt the Players Network is having a party of their own!

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