Saturday, December 9, 2006

Burning Down The House: Microsoft DataCenter Fire

Barry Schwartz over at SEORoundTable has the information on a recent fire that caused damages to one of the Microsoft data centers that had access to the AdCenter interface offline for quite some time.
Guess rerouting back ups were not in place. When the blackout in the east coast occurred in August 2003 we were able to reroute our customers to one of our back ups and were down maybe 90 minutes and we had no phones and communication to our other offices in other parts of the world took us a little reaction time. Guess Microsoft had not thought God may occasionally intervene!

PostScript: AdCenter reps have denied there was any fire and a search of news engines do not show any stories apart from the ones started at WebMasterWorld and Digg. I will see what can be found out on Monday.

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