Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Deaths at Panama Build

Just like the original deaths building the canal... this iteration of Panama gave notice of more recent deaths in an email I just received:

We wanted to remind you that when you log into your Sponsored Search
account today, you will notice some important changes to your Manage
Bids page. We are making these changes in order to provide all
advertisers--whether they have upgraded to the new Sponsored Search
or not--with consistent bidding information.

As we previously announced, some of the information on the Manage
Bids page is no longer available. We have removed the "Top 5 Max
Bids," "Position" and "Your Cost" columns from the current account
interface. The Bid tool has also been removed.

These columns have been replaced with three new columns of data
(Please note that while we previously announced the addition of two
new columns, we are actually adding three, to provide you with even
more information to guide your bidding decisions):

Latest Available Bid Range
This column displays the latest available bid range for the positions
at the top of the search results page for each of your keywords. To
see the bid range for each keyword, click the View Bids link.

Average Historical Bid Range
This column uses historical data to show you what the bid range for
the positions at the top of the search results page has been for each
of your keywords over recent days and/or weeks.

Estimated Average Position
This column displays an estimate of the average position your listing
may achieve on the results page, based on the historical bid
range. If you enter a new bid in the Max Bid column and click Update
Bids, the estimated average position will also update.

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