Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another SEO Joins The Ranks

Canadian SEO firm Search Engine Optimization Toronto are new to the space but are looking for someone to push their site. Hey here they are.

The site gives some interesting information about SEO and seems like they know what they are doing. I particularly like their blog. It has some detailled information about different aspects of SEO, as well as an honest and open telling of the company's development.

If you are looking for an agency in Canada they could be the people to talk to. The Canadian market is a competitive one and the Canucks have infiltrated the US ranks in our industry with great success. The ones that are still at home must have an interesting time competiting with one another.

The web site's look could use with some revamping but the text shows knowledge of the industry. Spend a little time on your layout guys, otherwise people will be hesitant to get in touch with you.


  1. Yeah, their site is lacking a logo and the whitehat graphic looks 1996.

  2. Hey Rae hope you had a great Christmas....