Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Misinformation Pollutes Search

I guess there are too many people in our industry that really have no clue. This post is going to start a flame war but people really should think a little more.

I will apologise in advance if this was done tongue in cheek - but I don't think so.

Janeth - a seasoned poster over at WMW - made the following comment:
To make a site work good with AdSense or Overture the first step is in building a site that is totally useless or close to it.

This is an important first step because you don’t want your visitor hanging around your site, you want them clicking an ad and finding another site. Otherwise you don’t make money.

The sad thing about this is it will promote even more garbatrage filling the search results.

Come on folks - that is so totally incorrect it is laughable. I guess the $10,000 a month she was making at AdSense publishing was early and from some of the most lucky breaks in the world.

The post can be read here.

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