Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Features over at AdWords

Okay you can now see what Google filters out of your adwords campaigns in the name of 'invalid clicks' - god forbid they call that Click Fraud.

You can access it at the Reports area of your account but be aware it takes some digging. First inside your main area click on the Reports tab and find Create New Report.... inside there select Campaign Performance.... next in the Advanced Options click the Add or Remove Columns option.... you will see a list of them - all of which are selected except for Invalid Clicks and Invalid Clicks Rate.... click those and let the report run and you will have a new insight into the Google campaigns.

Our ads are showing about a 10% plus invalid click rate - add the 14% the industry is using now for Click Fraud percentage and you have the 25% or so that used to be bandied about a year or more ago.

Hey at least it is a start.

AdWords is also adding the Refined Listings option - this is explained at - enjoy that one it offers an interesting approach and may have better results for you as the person is then basically getting to you from a refined and second click.

We are in the process of starting tests on how successful this refined search is over regular search.

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