Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Google's Park A Domain Income Scam

You have to be kidding me. I missed this one, dealing with other things. But had heard the whispers about domain name income.

But really.... they are pushing AdWords CPC through the roof - to foil arbitrage and yet gain on the regular customers - but then are soliciting action on the harvested search pages for domains close to the keywords????

I want these guys' rationale of "Do No Evil" when I meet my maker.

I like Google but the smoke of the ever-added new 'widgets' may be hiding a blurring of 'church and state'.

If the redirect could easily be turned off - like not accepting blocked phone calls - then maybe...

and I know the argument is if it was for a domain or a keyword then a search would return this or a 'not there' message, why not allow the search results....

But the offering of income to the possible domain name association is also a slippery slope to influence on the vast collection of the non-website domain owners.

And don't forget as a registrar, themselves, they can even sell those domains to you. Why do they need the middlemen? Hell they know their traffic better than anyone. Why don't they just buy up those domains for themselves? It's their traffic afterall - they can do what they want with it - as many Dances have proven!

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