Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Google AdWords Inactivating Everyone

It is hard to figure out why there are all this activity putting keywords on the inactivated list and expecting high CPC to get them turned on again.

SEW Forums is exploring the randomness of it - as are other bloggers and forums.

As I mention in the thread we had one term where our CTR was 100% and they still put it inactive - guess in position 6 and converting all 5 impressions was just not good enough....

The wheels are getting a little wobbly - the Arbitrage Panel at SES San Jose is going to be fun - and I am sure one of the most attended.... I am on the panel so stop by and say hello.


  1. The only explanation Google gives is that having introduced the term quality, where they now analyze the urls, web site…. The ctr isn’t the reason why they inactivate keywords.
    Before, kw where in trial and after inactive if the ctr in Google search was not good enough.
    Of course in cases like 100% ctr obviously this doesn’t count and we all know that there are many changes going on in Google right now, and we can all gather why they are doing this…

  2. Funny they just don't seem to want to give us enough information to understand the process - yet expect us to accept to system and its blind cost increases.....