Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Google Business Model: Licensing Access to Trademarked Terms in AdWords

A thread over at Search Engine Watch has given me an idea for a new business. Licensing usage of trademarked terms in Google AdWords.

Sounds a little bizarre but recent actions and decisions over at AdWords suggests it could be the next big thing. Move over PPC arbitragers, the trademarked terms licensers are here.

As silly as this sounds I think it would work. Right now according to the thread Google has classified "drive" as a trademarked term. I'm thinking this was an overzealous novice that gave it that status and it will quickly be changed back, but the concept is intriguing.

If you can forecast terms that will increase in common usage or help them get there - you can set up a website and trademark the term and have a valuable asset.

Anyone who holds the trademark can allow people to use the term in Google AdWords. That being the case why not get a monthly fee for the ability to use the term. Put it in the copy of the ad and your CTR increases, increased CTR lowers the cost of your CPC - so conceivably you could make the money back.

If you are restricted from using it at all and it has to be there for qualifying the traffic it is a very valuable commodity.

Okay guys the race is on - who is going to be in on this new goldrush?

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