Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Is Backdoor Portal

Okay forget about the speculation of when Google will launch its portal. They already have it. Those subtle links to News, Local, Froogle etc. are just their way of using the minimalist portal approach.

They have all the elements in place. They are just pioneering a new look portal. The search portal.

The addition of the stock prices, currency conversion, airline ticket/car/etc sales widgets at the start of organic results reenforces this. They will not roll out a web page filled with various content - well not unless you want to personalise one and "hey presto" you can make one any way you want - just like the other portals offer.

Google is using its dominance in search to get internet users to rethink the way they perceive and use the web.

Why bother with MSN, Yahoo etc. when you can find everything you want in Google and it will be specifically tailored to what you want at that particular moment.

What am I interested in this visit? Every visit is unique - started in motion by the search term - delivered in to those specifications.

Want news related information click the news tab; want to buy something related to the search you can try Froogle or Base; want something near you click Local; need directions click Maps; want pictures try Images; want to talk to others about it try Groups; want to chat about it go to Talk....

Google does not have to roll out a portal it already has one.

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