Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More MSN Changes To Come

Okay they are moving fast. I received another email this morning:

Broad Match Changes
We have received feedback from advertisers like you on the adCenter broad match filter. To act upon this feedback, we are now allowing for broader matching of search terms. For example:
o Before Change: If you were bidding on ‘jeans’ using the broad match type filter, and someone searched for ‘blue jeans’, the ad would only show up if the word ‘blue’ appeared the title and/or description of the listing.
o After Change: If you were bidding on ‘jeans’ using the broad match type filter, and someone searched for ‘blue jeans’, the ad would show up.

You can expect to see an increase in impressions and clicks for keywords using the broad match filter. Please do not mistake the increase for fraudulent clicks. We are confident that the change in our broad matching will have a positive long-term impact to your search campaigns. However, please be prepared to adjust your budgets for campaigns using the broad match filter.

The broad match change will begin this week.

Upcoming adCenter Upgrade
The new release contains many features you have been asking for! Highlights include:
· You can now choose to receive Marketing Communications from adCenter through the adCenter Member Communications tool in Account Management.
· The Compressed Invoicing feature is now defaulted and will reduce the number of pages generated for invoices.
· With the Bulk Keyword Upload Tool, you can copy and paste keywords (instead of entering each one manually) to significantly reduce the time needed to set up a campaign through the UI.
· Estimate your bids through our improved price estimation tool to help reach position 1 in ad ranking. Also, each keyword bid is editable and shown in a grid for easy viewing of the entire campaign.
· Insert text dynamically into the ad title or ad text (formerly known as parameters).

Ads will run as usual during the upgrade
The release will happen within the next two weeks, and we will contact you 48 hours in advance with the exact date and time of the upgrade, as you will be unable to access adCenter for the afternoon on the day of the upgrade. Your keywords and ads will continue to run and be tracked during this time period; you will just be unable to access adCenter to make changes.

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