Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MSN Making Changes to AdCenter

I received this information in an email from the MSN AdCenter people.

A new release is scheduled for 4/18/06 to help make your adCenter experience easier. Once again, adCenter client feedback helped drive these changes, which include:

Keywords: You’ll be able to copy and paste a list of keywords instead of typing them manually.
Parameters: The parameter naming convention will be changed so as to be more intuitive. {param1} will be labeled Destination URL, and params 2 and 3 will be labeled Dynamic Text.
Billing Statements: View your billing statement as a PDF file for easier download and printing.
Hear from Us, or Not: Go to your settings page to opt-in or –out to receive adCenter marketing materials.

Please note that MSN adCenter will be unavailable during this update on the afternoon of April 18. This should not affect your existing data or campaigns, which will remain live during this time. However, you won’t be able to access your account or its features while we update adCenter, so we encourage you to make any needed immediate changes to your account beforehand.

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