Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Yahoo! Ad Reps Beat Google Response Time

Hey it is only fair considering the flack I have dished out to Yahoo! for the slow response times... the eternal waits for editorial reviews... entire bulk uploads halted over a single declined term needing some verification...

This time Yahoo! blew the doors off Google.

We need the tracking code on our account changed.... 2000 plus keywords wrapped in a dozen campaigns and 30 odd AdGroups in Google... but as we know 200 plus individual destination urls in Yahoo! had to be changed.

We expected Yahoo! to take two days or so - not the longer periods that can happen when waiting on editorial as these were mere changes to tracking codes. Google usually gets this done in an hour or so.

Well I guess things are getting busy over at Google - that rapid growth and last quarter jump in income of 96% has them swamped and the response time seems to be effected by it. We are into the second day and still no changes over at Google.... hell we can't even reach a rep - and I have numerous phone numbers.

I know they had their Google Halloween party/parade yesterday.... so maybe things were a bit distracted... pity that excuse does not fly with our customers otherwise I would be holding all sorts of parades.....

Congrats Yahoo! and let's hope this was not just a fluke!

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