Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Join Here: Google Unrolls New Advertiser SignUp

New Media Report has two interesting news items today:

Google's new Onsite Advertiser Sign-up allows advertisers sign up to advertise on a particular web site directly from that site, without having to go through the AdWords webpage. An "Advertise on this site" link takes potential revenue generators to a customizable page where they can open a new AdWords account and target a site for their ads right then and there. Advertisers will bid for PPI inventory, and compete with the rest of the ads relevant to the site in question.

Google Analytics, the company's free analytics service that debuted only last week, has been swamped by so many signups that new account seekers are now being turned away at the door. Those seeking to create a new account have the option of entering their email and waiting for Google to send them a message once they've finished getting all their data in a row. According to the Analytics signup page, "Google Analytics has experienced extremely strong demand, and as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity." With over 200,000 new accounts to analyze so far, looks like it'll be a while. Oh, the woes of popularity.

Seems Google Analytics signed up more people in under a week than Urchin had done while in business for itself.... so name recognition is everything.
The point on that one is Google may be the reason Analytics is more fully used in our industry finally... the results may take 6 months or so but it should all be interesting to watch develop.

The Sign Up Here Option is another really smart move by Google. It helps the affiliates make a few new dollars and like other good impulse buys it should be quick and painless.

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