Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Skaffe Articles Launches

I have seen a couple of blog posts and then received this email:

As most of us that edit on have websites of our own, we no doubt have all experienced problems of getting good quality content for our own sites for free, unless we write it ourself. You also may have faced issues of reaching audiences specifically targeted for your services, or your site’s, via advertising and the like.

With those types of issues in mind, Team Skaffe is proud to announce a new addition to the family of Skaffe Services - Skaffe Articles. Skaffe Articles may be found at the address: .

Skaffe Articles is a free article distribution and publication directory. Authors may submit their articles and brief bio’s for other users to add to their sites and publications.

Both the publication of the content and the use of the content is free. The service is designed to allow webmasters to obtain quality content from experts in their fields while allowing those experts to advertise their services through their bio’s that are attached to the articles.

Team Skaffe is looking forward to promoting the services and articles contributed through the service. As editors, Team Skaffe wanted to make the service available to you first. At present, Skaffe Articles is in need of content. If you have an article you would like to submit, please consider adding it to Skaffe Articles. This is an excellent way of getting your services advertised. In contrast, if you see article content you think would be beneficial to your site, please feel free to use it. You may also wish to add a RSS feed to your site. We will have more of these added soon.

We appreciate your support in making this free service work for all our users and members of the Skaffe Community.

I think this could be benefitial to alot of people and while needed editorial control will offer some interesting stuff moving forward.

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