Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Yahoo Australia Getting Greedy

The link in the title is to a search result that shows you the type of greed I am talking about.

It is almost non-Australian! Come on Yahoo AU play cricket!

I have started to notice a large number of ads by Yahoo Australia in the PPC ads. They are buying their own traffic at low numbers and sending it where they can make more through impressions and other agreements they may have in place.

Hell the link that I use in the title of this article has Yahoo in 2 positions (have seen them be 3 of 5 results!), but also has the "also try" links to recycle more impressions, the two links to Inside Yahoo before the PPC ads begin, and then decided they may as well grab a bunch of the free search spots as well: Numbers 1, 2, 4, 9 and 16 of the 20 listed.

Each of these pages sell more space - be it Directory Listing costs, Banner CPMs etc - there should be a law against it....

This is not playing fair, I would give them Yahoo Finance as the first organic result, even Google does so it is popular. MSN AU ( has Yahoo in the top 3 spots, though anyone can spam MSN right now.

Yahoo you have enough why try and grab the areas where you know you can make more from the traffic?

Pretty soon Yahoo will be its own best advertiser and eventually its own advertiser as people decide to go to a level playing field...

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