Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ready For My Close-Up Mr Warner


Though it looks alot like Yahoo!, the new AOL free access portal may be an interesting step in the development of web.

The new is a full-fledged web portal. The search results are a rework of Google listings... though they grab the most profitable stem of any term in the PPC side as far as I have been able to test.

You can access your AOL mail, play those AOL games and access most of the areas that were previously just available to paying members.

It is this familiarity that may move them into an interesting position in the industry.

If they deceide they want to create their own search engine and sell their own PPC listings, I am not predicting a long life. They are better off making the right partnerships and concentrating on the content and products side.
Too many people have faltered and failed attempting to climb the search mountain when a well-negotiated partnership takes all the backend and slaes work out of the equation.

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