Thursday, May 5, 2005

Testing Search Relevancy

The well-known RustyBrick or Barry Schwartz has created a comparative search engine that tests the relevancy of results.

I hope everyone goes over and plays with it so Barry can get better resarch results and help us all better understand the relevancy issues that have been getting a lot of bytes typed about it lately.

Obviously relevancy is subjective. I had a friend who wanted to develop a relevant search engine 3 years ago - basically using the same principles of personalization and categorizing terms to provide as many possible alternatives as possible and then have the option to drill down within that area.

The example we used was Albert Einstein. A search back then was dominated by the scientist and sites heavily weighted for the keywords on the page (the old days).
But what if you were interested in Albert Einstein the tailor or account?
What if you were looking for interesting biographical information or specific scientific articles?
The reality of relevancy is that at best it is subjective.
But from what I have seen with there maybe a way to narrow and develop levels of relevancy. Keep up the great work RB!

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