Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Anoox Challenges Google and Yahoo

Great publicity gimmick, and not too likely to happen, but you have to give it to Anoox for pushing this challenge out there.
As their press release describes the engine:
AnooX, the revolutionary Search Engine that delivers the most accurate search results due to our innovative mechanism for search generation that 1st machine generates the results and then continuously re-generates them based on the majority Vote of the People - invites Google and Yahoo to a contest to see who actually delivers the more accurate search results

Unfortunately this is like having the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates having the Greenpeace party candidate join them in the debates.

1 comment:

  1. Well why "we the people" should we care whether Google & Yahoo think of themselves as the equivalent of the Republican and Democrats. Which means they are not really different, they offer no real choices.
    What we care is who delivers the better search results from search users perspective and who delivers more affordable advertising from advertisers perspective. And in both of these regards AnooX seems to be besting Yahoo & Google duapoly. So unless people are "idiot blinds" then they will in time more and more start going to AnooX.