Wednesday, February 9, 2005

MSN Italian Dislikes the Pope

I can think of plenty of keywords that would justifibly have the Pope come up in the top of the SERPs at MSN Italy. "Merda" (English translation - 'shit')is definitely one of them. But as a recent search shows someone has been spamming MSN and the new engine just does not seem to be up to the challenge of filtering for this just yet.

Hey, even Google still has the "Dubau" Bush biography listed as number 1 for "miserable failure" and it appears as if Clinton has gotten some serious attention from Republican spammers - he's number 2.

Hopefully this situation will be remedied ASAP - but as a recent thread at Search Engine Forums went into EBay is selling women and all other sorts of interesting items.

It happens and the system slowly changes to stop it if possible. Remember most things are discovered by beta testing and when hackers find some obtuse angle to take advantage of. Pass what you have along and hopefully things get changed.

For more about the Pope story

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