Tuesday, February 1, 2005

It's Official MSN Is Out Of Beta

Okay folks, let the search wars official begin. MSN is now out of beta, and despite some work it may need to weed the spam listings in certain areas, it is now a fully fledged competitor of the industry leader, Google.

It may not be until the end of the year that it adds its own PPC to counter the income stream of Google - while it uses the rest of its contract with Overture to test what works and where they want to go, but MSN is readying itself for a fight.

They have been aggressively seeking people in the industry from search engine forums and blogs - and getting people to refer anyone they know with skill in the area.

Hey with its promise of solid salary, top benefits and share options, it is a hard gig to pass by - but I think what it really has to offer the people in this industry is a seat in the wildest ride this industry is going to see for the next few years.

Getting in at this level, ensures one of being able to help develop where the PPC industry is going to head for the next 3-5 years.

Hopefully the whispers of using the European approach of paying commissions to agencies and SEM firms will prove true. Because not only will it help jump start their position but it will also see many of theagencies sitting on the fneces decide to get into the game - either through buying up small SEM firms or by developing their own departments which should prove to increase job opportunities in the industry.

I will keep everyone informed on what I hear.

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