Sunday, February 20, 2005

Implications of Google as a Domain Registrar

In my wandering around the millions of websites that make up this landscape we work in, I have read all sorts of conjecture on the Google domain registration impact - but the one that seems the most interesting is that they will use the information they get access to to filter sites by registrants' names and addresses.
Guess the filtering for C Blocks will be a minor distraction when they start filtering by the name of the person registering the domain - will it be okay to have a vriety of sites on different topics or will it come down to one domain per name gets in? Will registering domains in relatives names become the new cloaking?
And then address - what happens to buildings in cities like NY where there could be 100 companies all doing the same thing - hell the finance district may as well start looking for different places to set up offices.
I don't know how it could work - but am sure at some level there will be a filtering.

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