Friday, November 9, 2007

Yahoo Opting Out of Search Soon?

I have to think that Yahoo has finally come to its senses and plans on dropping its push in search. Let Ask run its commercials and fill the void?

I guess Jerry Yang has decided he has too much on his plate and giving up the search battle will allow the company to concentrate on portals and banner ad sales. Makes sense since the search sales people have been absorbed into media sales.

Or is the decision based on the fact they figure Microsoft will get around to buying them soon and then it can be their headache.

I am thinking this since Yahoo is not exhibiting at the Chicago SES conference. They are doing PubCon - but hey everyone loves the drinkfest.... They did not exhibit at New York adtech either - and that was the biggest gathering of marketing people held this year anywhere!

I hope Microsoft gets there soon so my stock can get some value again.


  1. hmmm...I don't know if I agree that dropping search would be a good move for them. Half of our PPC budget goes to Yahoo marketing, and their ads convert fairly well for us. They have to be making a profit off of this.

  2. yeah but they make more with other models they should concentrate on more