Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MSN AdCenter Making Big Migration

Okay folks here they go again. I just received this email.

Over the course of the next week, all MSN Search results will migrate to Live Search. Live Search will be the branded, marketed search platform for Microsoft.

Currently MSN users can use our search tool through a variety of ways including MSN.com Home Page, throughout all channels of MSN including Hotmail, and Instant Messenger. Moving forward, Live Search will be the default search tool across the entire MSN network including www.microsoft.com . The attached document provides additional information and can hopefully answer your questions.

The attached file was:

Over the next 3 days, we plan to take the beta tag off of Live Search. All search boxes and toolbars on the MSN.com and Live.com properties are scheduled to be completely migrated to send users to the Live Search Engine Results Page--including those who search on Hotmail®, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, on all MSN.com properties, on http://search.msn.com and on www.live.com.

What does this mean for your campaigns on adCenter?

* All paid search advertisements will still be served by the Microsoft adCenter platform, so your campaigns, ads and keywords should continue to run as normal.
* In addition, we have conducted extensive testing and expect the advertising performance of Live Search to be as good as or better than on MSN Search.

Notable features of Live Search:

* Live Search lets us augment our search-engine investments with a customizable user experience. More than just an engine with a single search box, Live Search helps users personalize their search and more quickly find what is important to them.
* The Live Search interface is designed to display a better visual blend of paid and organic results. For example, you’ll find complementary fonts, less contrast around ads, and justification of ads with organic results.
* Best of all, with an updated search interface, Live Search is designed to attract and retain more searchers – to give you access to what you want – more traffic.

Learn more about the Live Search features at http://get.live.com or, try it out today at www.live.com

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