Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Value of Directory Listings

It seems there is always a time when directories are being examined for their worth. Do they help with organic SERPs? What is happening with DMOZ - the Directory Project in Flux? What happens with Yahoo! links now that they have highly ranked sites using Google Analytics? Is there value in directory listings - either from direct traffic or their impact on your SERPs?

Best of the Web is a directory that has been around for a long. Started in 1994 as another of the "Best Of" review sites that were a popular way, prior to effective search engines, to find sites on the web. A time when "random surfer" behavior was at its peak, establish the directory with "web age" and numerous pages of listings well placed in the search engines.

BOTW is $49.95 a listing, well under the $300 of Yahoo! Directory.

Careful examination of the position and development of any directory is the best method of assessing its worth for listing. There are numerous lists of directories to make a start with. Just evaluate the benefits.

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