Monday, March 6, 2006

251 result in MSN Never Seen

Funny how things are discovered... I was trying to see what other terms Stanford may be running spam pages on when I find that MSN will only give you 25 pages of results for any search.
So if you are beyond 250 in the SERPs you can't even see where you are... this link shows what I mean

I was trying to get to the 29th page but if you see on the page I am just getting page 25. It stops there... you tell this also by the number in the string srch_type=0&first=281 the starting result should be 281 for page 29 but it does not load.

Could be a bug.... or the MSN wall is 25 pages deep... or actually 250 results deep.


  1. I found the same bug in

    Very Funny,M$.