Thursday, January 19, 2006

Word of Mouth Generating Some WOM

Funny add on to an email I received from Adotas today. They used reference to an article on Word of Mouth to start some Word of Mouth... a bit of a stretch on their part but thought it would be amusing to see how this rolls out.

The lines in question were:
Also, if you didn't have a chance, look at the article today about WORD OF MOUTH marketing:

We hear that tomorrow iMediaConnection will be having a similar article talking about the failure of WOM, and how its really just a fad.

So they started the ball... now let's see how it rolls. The article they reference is basically a commentary on how many people really do not know how to effectively conduct a WOM campaign... not that it does not work, just that many do not know how to work it.

Nothing starts a good online debate better than a little controversy - though here it is the suggestion of it coming tomorrow.... forecast of controversy even better people can get in on it before it really starts!

Let the game begin.

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